Healthcare Products

The JVS Group EHR, EMR, HMS, HIS & CMS are clinical software solutions for all hospitals & clinics. JVS Group offers products having facilities  such as patient scheduling, electronic claims submission, electronic statement production, mobile EHR solutions, a patient care portal, practice analytics, and communication options.

JVS Group healthcare software focuses on a system's long-term reliability and flexibility to quickly negotiate changes in the healthcare market. Unlike conventional software systems requiring teams of programmers to change hard source code, our software's powerful rules engines make it easy to change processes without reprogramming the entire system.  

JVS Group healthcare software includes all the capabilities to manage the healthcare lifecycle built-in, not bolted on. Hospitals and other care facilities using SoftClinic benefit from products designed to meet the needs of clinicians and staff throughout the continuum, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, laboratory technicians, business office personnel, executives, human resource managers, and financial staff. Likewise, all applications are fully integrated, facilitating the seamless exchange of demographic, clinical, and financial information between departments and care teams. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information is available where and when users need it, resulting in more informed and effective treatment and decision making. We also have well proven products in line of Cardiological software using SoftCath ensures that physicians and referring physicians have all the information they need at their fingertips to provide the highest quality patient care. Additionally, all information added becomes part of the clinical database and can be used to generate various registry reports and clinical analysis of cardiac procedure information.  We have OncoSoft is an Oncology Information Management Solution (OIMS) that has been developed to support the multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of patients with cancer. This standalone system is capable of integrating with the multiple applications used in both the public and private health systems. 


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